Hampshire Sculpture Trust

a note from William Pye,

sculpture and author.


The Hampshire Sculpture Trust

first registered in November 1987, was a logical development out of three major open-air summer exhibitions sponsored by Hampshire County Council in Winchester featuring the work of William Pye, Henry Moore and Elizabeth Frink. The Trust exists “to promote the enjoyment and understanding of sculpture and other contemporary art through exhibitions and related events, and the circulation of information to the membership.”

Over more than twenty years (November 2011 at Southampton Art Gallery saw it’s 22nd Annual General meeting) the Trust has promoted a mixed programme of exhibitions, public commissions, visits, seminars, lectures and schools’ education activities. It also undertook a major review of public sculpture and war memorials in Hampshire CC, but with the regular support of Winchester School of Art, the Trust is seeking to develop its work for the benefit of professional sculptures in the area and for the wider interest of the general public.

Plans for 2012 and beyond include a number of visits and sculpture walking tours, as well as a possible members’ exhibition and other curated activity in suitable spaces within Hampshire.


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